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About me

Birth of the Brand

Tisha was born in Newark, New Jersey. She discovered her love for sewing in her grandmother's living room where she remembers threading needles for her. At the age of six, Tisha's grandmother taught her how to hand sew garments that were too big for her waist by allowing her to sit and watch as she made the garments. The two would occasionally go on fabric store adventures where Tisha grew fond of numerous fabrics and patterns.


Tisha's humble beginnings dates back to 2008 during her sophomore year of high school. She began to wear her designs and received an overwhelming amount of compliments along with a strong interest from her peers. After much thought and consideration, she started her company with a mission to help individuals make a bold statement with a small, unique accessory.


About Tisha Johnson

Tisha graduated from LIM College receiving her BBA in Visual Merchandising. She's known for being a great entrepreneur on the campus with a highly recognizable brand. Through all of her prior trials and tribulations in her earlier years, she has managed to come out on top by pursuing her passion for designing. She's taken the strong foundation provided for her by her mom and grandmother and uses it daily to grow, prosper and continue on the journey of becoming a world rebound entrepreneur.